Piese ce marcheaza (2).

Ei dragii Mosului, nu stiu daca mai tineti minte dar acum ceva vreme am postat un post (?!) ce continea 10 piese ce-mi plac in mod deosebit. Continuam cu alte 10 ?

Alexandrina Hristov – Numai tu


”…si ne iubim, ne iubim, ca niste surdomuti.”

Dido – White flag


”…I’m in love, and I will always be.”

The Birthday Massacre – Happy birthday


”I think my friend said, don’t forget to smile!”

Sum41 – With me


”…these words are my heart and soul.”

Paramore – The only exception


”…that was the day that I promised, I’d never sing

of love, if it does not exist. But darling, you are

the only exception.”

Breaking Benjamin – Dance with the devil


”Don’t you dare look at him in the eye.”

Placebo – Without you I’m nothing


”You never see the lonely me, at all.”

KoRn – Kiss


”Why you always push me away?”

Röyksopp – Happy up here


”You know what makes my heart beat”.

OneRepublic – All the right moves


They’ve got all the right things in all the wrong places
Someday, we’re going down
They’ve got all the right moves and all the wrong faces
Someday, we’re going down.

Everybody knows, everybody knows where we’re going
Yeah, we’re going down
Everybody knows, everybody knows where we’re going
Yeah, we’re going down.



4 răspunsuri to “Piese ce marcheaza (2).”

  1. se merita si apololgize aici :d

  2. Breaking Benjamin – Dance with the devil
    :”> rules the world

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